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Business: Support Materials: Shipping and Logistics

Trouble-shooting Issues

If you are having issues accessing our resources...

  • Clear your browser cache and then restart your browser: Instructions to do this are on the Middlesex University IT services webpages.
  • Turn off your work VPN and/or use a personal non-work device: Sometimes your Work VPN and/or security software on a work device can block access to our resources.

If you continue to have access issues, please email and we will look into the problem.

Shipping News on Eikon

More guidance for using Eikon can be found on the Financial Databases Library Guide.

If you need any help finding information on Eikon, please email

  • You can either access by downloading Eikon or through the browser via 'web access'.

  • You cannot download the Eikon database into MAC computers.

  • Eikon contains apps that provide shipping information, maps, trackers, costs, and company financials.

  • The apps you can use on Eikon to find shipping information are in the document below and each has an assigned code. Type the app code into the search box and the app will load.

Peer-reviewed Academic Journals

Financial Times ( - Shipping and Logistics

The first time you access, use the link below.

You will asked to register, please use your student email address ( or

Financial Times

Once you have registered, you can check the links below for news on shipping and logistics:

Quality Magazines and Websites

Shipping and Logistics: LinkedIn Courses

LinkedIn Learning is part of the LinkedIn network. It is a website packed full of videos, tutorials and fully-curated courses taught by recognised industry experts. As a Middlesex University student, you have free access to this valuable resource.