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Business: Support Materials: Using Passport

About Passport

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Passport contains in-depth reports on companies, industry, and countries.

Finding industry and country information on Passport

Passport is good for a wide range of topics, including in-depth information on industries and countries outside Europe and America.

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On Passport, you can find:

Company Profiles – Both global and local profiles providing company strategies, challenges, and opportunities.

Country Reports – There are two types: 1. industries (e.g. packaged foods) 2. economies and consumers (e.g. consumer behaviour).

Passport Database Guides

Points to remember

1. Always check the publish date of reports and try to use recent information.

2. Supplement business reports with current information from trusted sources like...

  • Financial Tomes (
  • The Economist,
  • Bloomberg Businessweek,
  • Guardian - Business News.

3. Each database has its own strengths and weakness so use more than one in your assignments.

A laptop, showing the screen which is a database with graphs.