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What is literature searching?

A search strategy to help find relevant resources on a particular topic. If you have a good search strategy, it will help you find more relevant, high-quality information that give statements and arguments in your assignments more credibility.

The importance of keywords...

Think of this research question...

What are the advantages of corporate social responsibility?

If you were to put this entire question into a search engine, you would get limited results.

You need to select the most important keywords from the question...

Advantages AND Corporate Social Responsibility

We can then make our searches better by thinking of alternative keywords to use in our searches.

Advantages could also be...

Benefits OR Pros OR Gains.

Corporate Social Responsibility could be...

Socially responsible companies OR Business ethics OR Sustainable development.

Developing your search strategy...

When developing your search strategy think about:

  • Acronyms: e.g. Corporate Social Responsibility AND CSR.
  • Abbreviations: e.g. Director AND Dir.
  • Different spellings: e.g. Organisation AND Organization).
  • Search limits: Specific search criteria (e.g. limit to peer-reviewed articles).
  • Date range: How old can a resource be for it to be valid for your topic? 

Guides and Worksheets for Literature Searching

Library Search

Journal Quality & Alerting Services

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