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Business databases

You can access the business databases through the Business School Library Guide. Go to:

myUniHub > My Study > My Library > My Subject - Library Guides > Business > Business School > Industry/Market, Company and Country.

You can also access the databases by clicking on the links below.

If you need any help with the business databases, click on the Getting Help tab in this guide.

Industry / Market and Company Databases

Business Databases

The icon for Passport Euromonitor International

Passport contains in-depth reports on companies, industry, and countries.

It is especially good for:

  • Covering a wide range of issues (e.g. business, marketing, economics)
  • Travel and tourism industries,
  • In-depth country information,
  • Information for countries outside Europe and America.

Mintel contains marketing reports, trends analysis, and information for a wide range of industries.

It is especially good for:

  • Sector information in Europe and America,
  • Consumer information,
  • Market size and forecasting,
  • Brief information on brands and company.

IBISWorld contains detailed industry reports. It is especially good for:

  • Industry reports for US, Europe, and China,
  • Information on industry performance and outlook,
  • Brief information on major companies and the competitive landscape,
  • Insight into operation conditions, including the supply chain.

Business Source Complete is a database that contains Marketline reports on companies, countries, and industries.

It is especially good for:

  • Country report with PESTLE analysis,
  • Industry reports with Porter's Five Forces Analysis,
  • Company reports with SWOT analysis.

News and Current Events

News resources supplement business resources with up-to-date, factual information.

Information from news resources needs to be critically evaluated, as it can contain bias which invalidates its credibility.

World Advertising Research Centre (WARC)

The icon for WARC

WARC contains market case studies, trend analysis, and research report. It is especially good for:

  • In-depth case studies on advertising and marketing campaigns,
  • Detailed information on company brands,
  • Analysis on recent trends.

Other Business Databases

Financial Databases