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Sports and Exercise Science: Planning your future

Preparing for job interviews: MDX Resources

Middlesex University Library has a number of resources that you can use to find good quality industry, company and market information (see below). This information can help you prepare for interviews.

In order to access the full-text of articles and reports, you need to be an enrolled Middlesex student, so do your research before you leave.

Open access resources

Once you have graduated it is possible to access a range of open access resources (see links below) which can support your career including setting up and running a business including:

City Business Library in London offers a range of resources which can help you prepare for job interviews including company and country information, and advice on getting jobs. Open to members of the public. Details below.

The British Library at St Pancras also offers support to small business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors through its Business and IP Centre. Details Below.

MDXworks: Employability Support

MDXworks (the University's employability service) provides a range of services and support which are available on-campus and on-line.

Use these services to ensure that you are prepared for your future, whether your ambition is to find a graduate job, set-up your own business or continue studying.

Rabia Arif is the MDXworks Employability Advisor for the Faculty of Science and technology. Book and appointment with Rabia by going to the Science and Technology section at