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Business: Financial Databases: Eikon

Financial databases provide mostly financial data but also textual information for students studying finance, economics, accounting and financial mathematics

Accessing Eikon via the Excel Add-in

  • Click on the "Sign in & Download" button and follow the instructions

  • Once Eikon is installed, the Eikon Excel add-in (Thomson Reuters tab) is automatically loaded when Excel is launched

Using the Eikon add-in for Excel

  • In Excel, click. and choose Excel Options
  • In Excel Options dialog, click Add-Ins
  • At the bottom of Add-Ins, in Manage choose COM Add-Ins, and click Go
  • Select Thomson Reuters Eikon - Microsoft Office and click OK
  • Restart Excel. The ribbon will display the Thomson Reuters tab when you reopen Excel

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Screening with Eikon

Load the Screener from the Eikon ribbon in Excel and use the left-hand panel to add your criteria

Try this search -  Create a list of equities that fulfill the criteria for a medium sized enterprise and select those companies that were incorporated in Germany 

  • Begin by changing the currency to Euros  

  • Define what an ME is: 

  •  Add number of employees as your first criteria - less than or equal to 250 

  • Turnover less than or equal to 50m Euro (Or Balance sheet total or Assets less than or equal to 48m Euro)

  • Country of Incorporation = Germany 

  • Save your screen as MEs Germany 

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Building a Formula with Eikon

Building a Formula 

  • Begin by defining you instruments 

  • You can either use the Cell Reference Icon import information, in the form of tickers, ISIN codes, RICs etc., from a spreadsheet into Eikon and then add datatypes


  • You can also type directly into the instruments search box: ticker codes, text, or lists/portfolios that you have previously created 


  • You can use the funnel icon which will allow you to create a list according to your own criteria (taking you to the Eikon screener to do so)

Try this search - Create a list of Indian Pharmaceuticals with an EPS growth of over 15%

Create you list of companies:

  • Click on the funnel icon 

  • Click on equities and then on companies 

  • Select the country link and search for India – add – OK

  • Click on the sector link and search for pharma – add – OK 

  • Add a criteria – EPS Growth 5 Years – greater than 15% - search 

  • Select all -  Send and Create a list – close the screen 

  • The instruments now appear in the box at the top 

  Add your Data items: 

  • click once for a definition and then double click to add – these can also be dragged to reorder at the bottom of the page (either search for them or browse by category) 

  • Make sure that you have clicked on the time series icon  

  • Closing price, volume, market capitalisation, total assets - actual, total debt, price to book 

  • For each data type, you can look at a description and also change the parameter 

  • Click on Series to change the output parameters such as date range and to change the output scale (thousands, millions etc.) 

Click on layout at the bottom of the page 

  • Drag the labels to the rows and columns as appropriate 

  • Look at the preview at the bottom of the page 

Click on insert 

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Using Templates in Eikon


Find templates in the Excel ribbon              

  • Use the left hand panel to select by either categories or by asset class 

  • You can search or browse by topic tags, e.g. ratings or ratios 

Try this search - 

  • From ratios, select Peer Analysis 

  • Once it has loaded, look at the tabs running at the bottom of the workbook 

  • Change the RIC from Thomson Reuters to Apple – you can use the Search icon for this 

If you experience problems following these instructions, please go HERE to book an appointment or Contact Me