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New Academic Staff: Books, DVDs & CDs

Books, DVDs, CDs and how we get them

We buy books from the module reading lists you agree us with.  Please keep your subject liaison librarian informed of changes you make. Reading lists can be seen via MyLearning on each module home page or at

All students receive one free personal e-textbook per module per year via Kortext.  Please make sure your subject liaison librarian knows what this is for each module.

Please remember to:

  • Tell us changes as soon as you can. We need to know by July for September and November for January.
  • Chapters of print books can be scanned and added to your online reading lists.  One chapter per module per book.
  • The average textbook now costs over £40, so please keep your lists affordably short.
  • If the book is for a distance education programme or taught overseas, please check materials are actually available as either an e-book or in other countries.
  • If you are doing a list for a validation or revalidation, please make sure it's a list of items you want us to buy, not an indicative list. If you put it in a validation document or in a handbook, we assume it's what you want!

If you need help with compiling reading lists please ask your subject liaison librarian for help.

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