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Psychology: Psychological Tests


Looking for Psychological tests?

We now have access to APA PsycTests which is a database you can search directly for Psychological tests.

Please note not all tests are available as full text in APA PsycTests but it is worth checking first as it’s a lot quicker than literature searching for research studies and then picking through the articles and methodologies to find tests or names of tests that you then have to source from somewhere else.

You access APA PsycTests in the same way you access the other databases.

The search is by author if you know them from studies you’ve seen OR by topic area for example ‘creativity’ ‘IQ OR intelligence’ etc.  

The American Psychological Association has an FAQ section on Finding information about psychological tests (both published and unpublished)

Published V. Unpublished Tests

It is important to be aware of the difference between published and unpublished tests when trying to track down a test or measure.

Published tests are standardised tests available for purchase usually directly from the publisher. These are not available on the PscyTESTS databases or journal articles.

Unpublished tests are generally not for sale, but instead are often available via articles, collections of unpublished tests (e.g. PsycTESTS) or directly from the author.

Using PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES

For articles indexed on PsycINFO, you can search to see if the test is included within an article using the word appended in combination with the test name in the advanced search.
There is an APA video which explains how to search for tests on PscyINFO and includes a demo of the appended search function: 

If you don’t find what you need on APA PsycTests then please see the information on Using the Psychology Department Test Library

Using the Psychology Department Test Library

The department also has a Psychological test library, this is quite small, and is not online but hard copy photocopies are kept in departmental offices.

You can access an index of the tests in the library online by:

logging into MyUniHub > My learning > PSY subject area > Test Library

Here is a link to the Psychology Department page on Unihub 

Tests are tagged with subject areas/topics so you can search the document by author or subject area. 

The Psychology Department holds a number of test resources for use by Psychology staff and students.  Please use the form included in this folder to request tests which appear in the test library catalogue. Unfortunately not all tests which appear in the catalogue are available and you will be informed if this is the case. Some items are also available in electronic format and if this is the case the electronic version will be sent to you.

STUDENTS: Please send your form requests electronically to Dr Nicky Brunswick -

Please note this is a departmental collection and is nothing to do with the Sheppard library.

Rouge Test CDs for PSY2014

The Rouge Test observation CDs are no longer available in the Library. 

You can access these materials in Hatchcroft, on any computer in HG01, HG02, HG07 and cubicles on 1st floor.  To use the cubicles, you need to make a booking with the technicians: email ( or ), call ext 15405 or visit them in their office (HG09).

Useful books