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Psychology: Books & E-books

Finding Books

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Useful Shelf Numbers

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of Psychology, related material is located in different areas of the Sheppard Library.
It is essential to use the library catalogue to find the shelf placing of specific subject areas. 
The guide below indicates some useful shelf or classification numbers.
Key subjects and classification numbers for psychology
Abnormal psychology
Lifespan development
Brain; physiology 
Child Development 155.418 Motivation 153.8
Child psychology 155.4 Neuropsychology  612.8
Clinical psychology 616.89 Organisational behaviour 302.35
Cognition  153.4 Perception 153.7
Consciousness 153 Personality  155.2
Creativity 153.35 Physiological psychology  152
Dreams; neurophysiology 612.821 Psychiatry 616.89
Dreams; psychology  154.63  Psychoanalysis   150.195
Developmental psychology 155 Psycholinguistics  401.9
Educational psychology 370.15 Psychology 150
Emotions  152.4 Psychopharmacology  615.78
Environmental psychology 155.9 Psychotherapy  616.8914
Experimental psychology  152.8 Sensory perception  152.1
Freud  150.1952 Sexuality 155.3
Health psychology 610.19 Social psychology   302
Imagination 153.3 Sociobiology 304.5
Industrial psychology  158.7 Subconscious  154
Intelligence  153.9 Women 155.633
Learning  153.15 Work psychology 158.7