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Music, Music Business/Arts Management: Journals and Magazines


 Magazines and newspapers are good resources for reviews, interviews, editorials and features, and can be used to supplement academic books and journal articles.

Note that popular magazines are not peer-reviewed, nor considered as academic sources.

Online Magazines

Rock's back pages is a specialist resource, covering all genres of popular music from the 1950s to the present, including publications such as Billboard, Folk Roots, Jazzwise, Melody Maker, MOJO, Rolling Stone and Trouser Press.

Music Periodicals Database also includes popular music magazines such as 

  • Uncut (01/05/2012 to present)
  • New Musical Express (10/03/2012 to present)
  • MixMag (01/01/2010 to present)
  • Electronic Musician (01/07/2002 to present. 

Business Source Complete includes:

  • Billboard (08/01/1994 to present)
  • Music Week (12/01/2002 to present, for older content see IIMP)
  • Music Business International (10/01/1995 to 12/01/2001)


Cambridge Journals which includes:

  • Organised Sound (2000 to present)

Websites & Social Media