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Music, Music Business/Arts Management: Music Scores, Music Online and CDs

Online Listening

Naxos Music Library Jazz provides online access to over 3000 jazz albums ranging from the work of jazz legends to contemporary jazz, including Swedish and Scandinavian artists.

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online

Archival Sound Recordings provides access to 46,200 recordings selected from the British Library sound Archive. Collections include: classical music, jazz and popular music and world and traditional music. 

Grove Music Online contains Sibelius enabled music examples within many articles, meaning you can listen to audio examples of particular concepts and styles of music. 

CDs at the Sheppard Library

The Library houses a collection of around 5000 CDs.Cds may be requested, but, can't be renewed.CDs are arranged in the following categories:

CLASSICAL  A-Z by Composer
OPERA  A-Z by Composer
EARLY MUSIC  A-Z by Composer
SONIC ARTS  A-Z by Composer
JAZZ  A-Z by Artist
WORLD  A-Z by Continent / Country
POPULAR  A-Z by Artist
MUSICALS  A-Z by Title
FILMS / TV  A- by Title
SOUND EFFECTS  Numbered Sequence

Music Scores

Music scores are kept with the books in the Sheppard Library. They can be found on the first floor at the numbers shown in the table below:

780  General Music Collections 786  Keyboard Music
780.8  Music anthologies 786.3  Piano tutors
781  Music Theory 786.4  Piano music
782  Dramatic Music 786.41  Piano sonatas
782.15  Opera 786.44  Jazz piano
782.815  Musicals / Operetta 786.49  Piano duets / Music for two pianos
782.855  Film music 786.8  Organ
783  Sacred Music 787  Music for String Instruments
783.3  Oratorios 787.1  Violin
784  Vocal Music 787.2  Viola
784.1  Madrigals 787.3  Cello
784.4  Folk music 787.41  Double bass
784.7  Popular songs 787.61  Guitar
784.742  British popular songs 788  Music for Wind Instruments
784.773  American popular songs 788.11  Trumpet
784.78  Latin American popular songs 788.2  Trombone
784.8  Art songs 788.41  French horn
784.94  Sight singing 788.51  Flute
785  Instrumental Music 788.53  Recorder
785.42  Jazz ensembles 788.6  Clarinet
785.7  Chamber music 788.66  Saxophone
785.73  Trios 788.7  Oboe
785.74  Quartets 788.8  Bassoon
787.75  Quintets 789  Percussion, Electronic Music

Study scores are arranged in composer order. Their white spine labels usually include the first three letters of the composer's name. So, for example, a study score of a work by Debussy will have 'Study score Deb' on the spine. The collection includes miniature, study and full scores, with a separate section for the largest scores at the end of the sequence.


Copyright notice:

Please remember that the law restricts the photocopying of music still in copyright to brief extracts only for study purposes. A performable unit of music may not be photocopied .

Free Music Scores Online

Please note that something that is out of copyright in one region of the world may still be covered by copyright in the UK. There is often no information about what edition the version is based on, so you can not judge the quality of the editorial work, or be sure that it is a legal copy in the UK. Often out-of-copyright editions have long been superceded by more rigorously edited versions. Use with care!