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Referencing & Plagiarism: Welcome


Throughout  your studies you will be expected to use many different types of information to enhance your own knowledge and understanding of the subject you are studying.

When you write a piece of work and use an idea or information from another source, e.g.. from a book, journal, film, image or sound recording, etc. you must acknowledge where you got this information from. Acknowledging the work of other people in your own work is called referencing. See the Referencing tab above for more help on how to reference.

However, if you fail to acknowledge where you got the information from, or if you copy, summarise or paraphrase someone else's work or ideas as your own, then this is known as plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious academic offence and the University views it as cheating. For more information see the Plagiarism tab above. 

Referencing is not just about avoiding plagiarism though. When used correctly, referencing can help you achieve better marks because:

  • Using references adds weight to your discussion and arguments
  • It demonstrates that you understand the key issues in your subject and also your ability to evaluate and critically apply this understanding to your work.
  • It enables others to find your references easily.
  • It is evidence that you have been reading around your subject

Finding help

Within the University there are many different places you can get help and advice about plagiarism and referencing. This guide brings togther a wide range of information provided by the:

  • Library
  • Learning Enhancement Team (LET)
  • Middlesex University Student Union (MDXSU)

Where can I find help with:

Understanding Referencing & Plagiarism workshops

Are you worried about plagiarism and referencing? Not sure how to use Turnitin?

With assignment deadlines coming up, come along and find out everything you need to know!

The workshops will tackle what plagiarism is and what it isn’t; how to avoid it by referencing properly; and using & understanding Turnitin.

To find the next Understanding Referencing & Plagiarism workshop click here

These workshops are FREE and available to all Middlesex students.

Referencing Style Guides

Cite them Right Online is the standard source of information for citation and referencing.

Please use this unless you are studying one of the subjects listed below.

Referencing software

Other software is available. Please see the links below for more information.