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Referencing & Plagiarism: Referencing AI / Generative AI Personal Communications

Referencing AI / Generative AI Personal Communications

Please consult with your module tutor before using AI for your studies or an assignment. It is crucial that you only use AI for your studies or an assignment where your tutor has advised regarding whether and how AI should be used for their module.

AI can generate a wide range of materials, including text, images, code and even ideas. Using AI to support your learning can be beneficial if used responsibly and with integrity. However, submitting work generated by AI as your own work is a breach of academic integrity.

Anything that is not your own original creation or thoughts should be appropriately referenced. You will need to acknowledge any use of generative AI output in your work and should provide a full and correctly formatted in-text citation and reference list entry.

If the AI’s output (for example, a ChatGPT response) is only available to you, please cite and reference this as a Generative AI Personal Communication, as shown in the guides provided on this page.

Please consult with your tutor in case they also require you to provide a copy of the AI output as an appendix to your work. Please also use Cite Them Right Online for further information (including alternative referencing formats).

Draft Referencing Guides for AI / Generative AI Personal Communications