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Public Health, Risk, Safety & Environment: E-Books

E-book collections

E-books are listed on the Library Catalogue, but you can also browse the collections of e-books from different suppliers.

This is useful if you are looking for books on a topic, rather than a specific title.


Open access e-books

Suggest a book

Found a great book that you think would be perfect for our collection?

Want to suggest that we purchase more copies of a book?

Just click on Comments to make a suggestion!

Example Search Strategy

The document below provides an example of a planned search strategy for 'Exercise or exercise and diet for preventing type 2 diabetes mellitus’ 

Accessing e-books

To access our e-books you need to sign into MyUniHub first and follow these links: MyUniHub > My Study  > My Library

1) Access via the Library Catalogue

E-books are listed in the Library Catalogue, just like print books. You will see [Electronic Resource] after the title and a link to follow. Click on the link.

If you are NOT taken straight through to the e-book, click on the link for Athens/Athens Authenication Point (e.g. see image below - the location on the screen may vary)

You will now be taken straight through to the e-book.

2) Access via the Library Subject Guides

Many e-books are featured on the Library Subject guides, such as the ones you see on this page. To access these, just make sure that you are logged into MyUniHub first, then click on the book you want.

Using e-books

We purchase e-books from different suppliers - some of which you can read online only (e.g. MyiLibrary e-books), and others that you can also download and read offline (e.g. DawsonEra e-books).

  • We recommend using the download option with DawsonEra e-books as the "Read Online" option may only permit you to open one PDF page at a time.
  • Please ensure that your PDF viewer is set to Adobe Acrobat Reader. If your pages are displayed as blank then try reloading Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • In order to read DawsonEra books offline, you must download and open the e-book immediately (whilst you have Internet connection), as DawsonEra e-books need to connect to the Internet the first time the book is opened. After this you will be able to access the e-book offline for up to 7 days.
  • You can download DawsonEra e-books as many times as you like.

See the Accessing Electronic Resources page for more help.