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Special Collections: Special Books


Issue of Visionaire

Visionaire is a special fashion publication which is produced four times a year. Each issue is designed, themed and created by a photographer, designer or art director and produced in a limited edition with no advertising.  Formats and styles vary enormously, so the collection offers rich inspiration in ideas, style and presentation.

Visionaire has a website which gives an interactive view of the complete set of issues.

Visionaire is displayed in the Materials Room, which is located in the Basement of the Sheppard Library.

The Materials Room is open from 11am to 4pm Monday to Friday, when specialist help is usually available. 

Special Books Collection

This is a small collection of about 700 books, some of which were inherited by Hornsey College of Art.  The collection includes a variety of historical and contemporary books which for reasons of fragility, age, special format or rarity have been shelved separately. These are kept in the Materials Room and are listed on Library Search.

The collection includes artists' books and also the fashion subscription "Visionaire" which are on display in the Materials Room.

Artist's book

Artists' Books

Artist's book

We have an amazing collection of artists' books which are available as reference items in the Materials Room.  The artists' books show many different bindings, materials, ideas and interpretations of "the book"

The Materials Room is located in the Basement of the Sheppard Library, Hendon.


Image of zines
Image: Jessie Lynn McMains

We have a new and exciting collection of zines available to browse through in the Materials Room. These range from some of the earliest punk titles like Sniffin' Glue to lots of new examples in many shapes and sizes. Click here for more information about our zines collection.