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Researchers: New RefWorks help

RefWorks for Searchers and Researchers

New to RefWorks?

New RefWorks logo

Please use one of these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari (Mac)

Internet Explorer is not supported.

To set up a RefWorks account go to sign up.

  • Use your full Middlesex email address.
  • When you leave Middlesex you can switch to a limited free account.  Change your email address in your account settings.

For help using RefWorks, see the videos on the RefWorks YouTube channel.

To link RefWorks to Word, please follow the instructions in the Integration with Word section on this page.

A guide on how to use RefWorks can be downloaded below:

Integration with Word

To integrate RefWorks with Word use RefWorks Citation Manager.  

Windows PC

Windows 10 PC with Word 2016 or Word 365 or newer

  • Open Word 2016 or Word 365.
  • Go to the Insert tab
  • Open Store or Add-ins
  • Search for Refworks
  • Add RefWorks Citation Manager:
  • You will then see RCM in the Word ribbon next to Help.
  • Click RCM and then the RCM icon to open RCM.
  • Log in to Refworks the first time you use it.
  • The login is your email and the password you set for RefWorks.


Macs running the operating system 10.6+ with Word 2016 or newer

  • Open Word 2016 on the Mac
  • Choose Insert tab and then Add-ins
  • Search for Refworks
  • Install RefWorks Citation Manager:
  • You will then see RCM in the Word ribbon next to Help.
  • Click RCM and then the RCM icon to open RCM.
  • Log in to Refworks the first time you use it.

Google docs addin for RefWorks

Migrating from legacy to new RefWorks

Detailed information on this change see the Legacy RefWorks Support Center.   There are two key steps:

  1. Set up a (new) RefWorks account.   See the slides on this page for how to do this at Middlesex. There is also this useful toolkit from RefWorks. 
  2. Move your references from legacy to new.

RefWorks Support Sessions

RefWorks - how to set it up and use it

RefWorks Citation Manager updated May 2020:  The slides above have been updated to show the new Refworks Citation Manager. 

Introduction to RefWorks

RefWorks Citation Manager login problem

There is a problem at the moment that login from my institution works for RefWorks but not Refworks Citation Manager which requires an individual password. (They are working on fixing this problem).  There is a solution:

  1. Log into RefWorks.
  2. Where you see your name, click the drop down menu.
  3. Choose settings.
  4. Scroll down the list (quite a long way) until you see Alternate Password.
  5. Click Change Password to set this up.

Use that new password to login to RefWorks Citation Manager.

Refworks Citation Manager May 2020 update

Other RefWorks videos on YouTube

Other reference management software

Only RefWorks is supported by Middlesex University, so if you haven't decided what to use, please look at RefWorks first.   Alternatives are:

RefWorks chat help

Web of Science export issues

Web of Science has an export funtion which include RefWorks. However, this only works if you have your browser pop-up blockers set correctly. Please follow this link for instructions for your preferred browser:

Converting lists of references in Word for RefWorks, EndNote,etc

Combining sections of text

If you have written a document in separate sections, you can easily combine them into one document as follows:

  • Make sure all your in-text citations have been created using RefWorks Citation Manager.
  • Copy the sections in to one of the existing documents, e.g. add sections 2 and 3 to section 1.
  • In Refworks Citation Manager, click the menu button and run Update Document (as below).
  • All the citations will be checked and the corrected reference list produced at the end of the combined doc.
  • Save this with a new title so you have the original as a back up.


Adding pages to RefWorks citations

To add p or pp to citations do this:

  • Open up your list of References In Refworks Citation Manager.
  • Choose Preview and Edit rather than quick cite.
  • In the suffix box add your page numbers in the following order. 
  • Spaces must be correct:    , p. 2    OR   , pp. 20-21  


RefWorks Middlesex University case study