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LinkedIn Learning: Curation & Learning Paths

LinkedIn Learning

Please note: access to LinkedIn Learning stops once a student graduates or a member of staff no longer works for MDX.

Curator status

This new status is available on request and we hope to roll this out more generally in the future.

Curator status will give academic and support staff better and easier options when setting up courses and learning paths - allowing bespoke curation. 

It also allows you to monitor the progress of students and staff taking the courses you have set.

You can find out more about the Curator role in the video below (6 minutes) or this pdf from Linkedin Learning:

Learning Paths

Learning Paths are packages of courses, with video and learning materials, which take you through the stages necessary to learn something new.

These Learning Paths are great collections of content, which can range from the quite big paths to some smaller, shorter paths, such as:

  • Become a Digital Illustrator is a 32 hour package of 9 courses
  • Become an iOS 10 App Developer has 9 courses in the path, totaling 16 hours
  • Improve Your Organizational Skills contains 4 courses, with 7 hours of learning time. 

These are worth taking a look at if you are looking at developing your skills, knowledge and expertise in a particular area.

Find out more about the Curator role and download the Curator playbook