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LinkedIn Learning: Careers & Employment

LinkedIn Learning

Please note: access to LinkedIn Learning stops once a student graduates or a member of staff no longer works for MDX.

Find out if you have a gap in your employment skills

Watch the video above and find out how to register to make an appointment with your Faculty Employability Advisor (FEA) on the new and improved MDXWorks Careers and Employability portal at

“The portal has great and useful content – jobs, events, employer profiles, resources, including school specific resources and the facility to book appointments with your FEA”

Do you have a fairly specific job title in mind? If yes, your FEA will be able to access data on EMSI which outlines the current top employment skills contained in job adverts for that role. Use this information to identify any skills gaps you may have and learn how LinkedIn Learning can help you fill these required skills gaps.

Sharing Achievements in your LinkedIn Profile

Career Development features in LinkedIn Learning

Why should you access LinkedIn Learning while at MDX?