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Special Collections: Zines

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Image: Jessie Lynn McMains

We have a new and exciting collection of zines available to browse in the Materials Room. These range from some of the earliest punk titles like Sniffin' Glue to lots of new examples in many shapes and sizes.

What are Zines?

Zines are a way of individuals or small groups sharing their particular interests or obsessions. Created as a response to mainstream publishing, the zine is an opportunity for self-expression, especially for alternative ideas and lifestyles.

In the past, content included subcultural fashion and music, political ideas or club football news. The term fanzine (sometimes used) originally combined the concepts of fan club and magazine.

The zine is a self-published, non-commercial, cheaply produced, low circulation magazine. Content may be typed, handwritten, drawn, photographed – often printed on a photocopier, stapled, folded or bound with simple stitches.

We have an amazing range of zines as part of our special collections, housed in our Materials Room. A list of zines we hold is available from the link - bottom left of the page.

Examples include Sniffin Glue, a punk publication from 1970s, Vague – an alternative response to the mainstream Vogue and various contemporary zines, including many titles produced here at Middlesex by art and design students.

For more information please come down to the Materials Room (Sheppard Library Basement) which is open during term-time from Monday to Friday 11am – 4pm.

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