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Student Success Festival: Support: Wellbeing, Dyslexia, Disability, Sports and Recreation

The Student Success Festival is a holistic grouping of a large array of services within Middlesex University to help students achieve their best!

Wellbeing Support

Counselling and Mental Health

The Counselling & Mental Health team provide mental wellbeing support and a confidential individual counselling service to help you manage any challenges affecting you emotionally or psychologically that you might face while you study with us.

Disability and Dyslexia Service

At Middlesex University we aim to provide an inclusive teaching and learning environment which caters for all students. We aim to provide an inclusive teaching and learning environment which caters for all students.

Sport and Recreation

The sport and recreation team at Middlesex University are here to help you make the most of your time at University by providing a range of physical activities to help you stay fit, have fun and make new friends. Whether you're a hardened sports fanatic or new to the concept of exercise – we want to help you to take part.

The Park Clinic

The Park Clinic is the clinical training facility for students studying Ayurvedic medicine (including massage therapy), traditional Chinese medicine (including acupuncture, cupping and Tuina massage therapy) and Western herbal medicine. Students can deliver therapies to real patients under the supervision of an experienced qualified practitioner who is responsible for treatment plans. Consultations may also be observed by other student practitioners via a live video stream to a separate private room.

Counselling and Mental Health

Sports and Recreation

Park Clinic



Nightline is a student listening service which is open at night and run by students for students. Every night of term, student volunteers answer calls, emails, instant messages, texts and talk in person to their fellow university students about anything that’s troubling them. For full details about this service, please visit the Nightline home page at:

Disability and Dyslexia

Succeeding With Dyslexia

Stress Distress