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Student Success Festival: SSF 2019: Circus!

The Student Success Festival is a holistic grouping of a large array of services within Middlesex University to help students achieve their best!

Welcome to the Student Success Festival!

What's on offer?



The first 400 students to sign up for the event will receive a free gift bag. Just sign up here to claim your prize!


Join us for two days or fun, games and prizes in the Quad. We will have stall and activities from a host of different services, as well as companion dogs, free gifts and treats! 


You do not need to sign up to attend the event - the Student Success Festival is free to attend and open to all Middlesex students. But if you want a chance to get a gift bag, click here to claim!


What's On?!



Puptastic Paws Patrol! 


Come and meet our paw-fessional team of doggo doctors, trained to help relieve stress and promote wellbeing with just a woof and a wag! Our two dogs are fully trained canine assistant dogs that can’t get enough of meeting new friends and sniffing out and chasing stress away.  Visit these two good woofers in their special, self-contained area at The Student Success Festival for controlled, safe and doggo-friendly meet-ups, with the help of their hoomin P.As (who are also trained in canine wellbeing). 


Please note that access to the dogs will be controlled to a set number of visitors for the dogs’ wellbeing and that the animals will be taking breaks throughout the day. Enjoy the Festival and grab some free gifts while you wait!


Cracking the Code


Challenge yourself to crack the code! It’s a race against the clock – can you solve the puzzles and emerge victorious? How much do you really know about the library? Can you decipher the hidden messages and win yourself a prize? Come along to the Student Success Festival and test your code-cracking credentials! 



Skills Brag! 


Come along, play and win! Join the Alumni and Employability teams at the Student   Success Festival, play our amazing game and step into the future with good vibes! Using interview techniques and key employability skills, our unique activity will help you realize how skilled you are, how effective can be to brag about your experiences, and how easy it is to overcome obstacles. 


All participants will be rewarded with free gifts and a package of courage! 



Around the world in 80 ways 


Fancy getting away from it all?  If you can piece it together, we have all it takes to build you your wings! 

Try out our challenge to set sail to the south or fly far from it all. Pop along now to find out more from our Exchanges team and grab some of our fantastic freebies! We’ll give you something to write home about. You’ll wish you were here! 




Join the SLAs once again at the Student Success Festival! Back by popular demand, the SLAs are here to brighten your lunch break with games like Truth Or Dare, Buzz Wire and Where! Oh Where! Did My Little Tail Go?! - and the chance to win prizes! We have activities that will test your nerve and concentration - and challenge you to do better than your friends - as well as quick-fire games to help you uncover your own learning strengths. Come to SSF for fun, prizes and to meet your SLA! 


Virtual Fitness 


Get your heart pumping and release some endorphins! Join the MDX sports team for a chance to immerse yourself in the eSports experience, all without going to the gym or picking up a ball. Only on 13th November at the Student Success Festival! 


It's Supermarket CHEAP! 


Are you a sucker for Heinz, Kellogs and Dolmio branded sauce? Did you know how much more branded items cost than own brand?! You’ve probably never thought much about it…which is why the Student Welfare Advice Team are challenging you to guess the cost of their shopping basket! Whoever guesses the closest wins their week of shopping! Informative and tasty! 


Ginger biscuits taste test


What’s the best biscuit – and, more importantly, how can you have your cake and eat it? After all, everyone wants more of what they like! And the Student Welfare Advice Team are here to help you get exactly that! Guess how much these different cakes cost for your chance to win a prize! The only remaining question is…will the prize be edible?! 

Get Set Go 


To help cope with academic assessments and stress. MDXSU are delighted to introduce Get Set Go and share with you all the great tips we have collected from students and experts on: 

·         Study in ways that works for you 

·         Help you 

·         Get Organised 

·         Prepare you for the future 


Fair, Free and Me
Join Jo for a chat over a free Fairtrade tea or coffee, relax and take a moment out of your day. find out more on Fairtrade at the university how you can support and what upcoming Fairtrade events are on their way.

Save our PHishes!


Everyone uses the Internet but do you know the simple things you can do to stay safe online? Take part in helping us save our PHishy friends – they’ve got some top tech tips to help you stay safe online. 

There’s a prize for those who catch the most amount of PHish throughout the day! The more of our friends you save, the more our PHish can help you stay safe when browsing online. 

Enjoy the day and grab some freebies while you wait for your turn to PHish. Free and open for all to try; we promise you our PHish don’t bite! 


P.S. We want you to share your stories with us – tell us, have you had a bad experience online? 


We just love giving away prizes!! Whether it's smoothie makers3D virtual experiences or iPads we simply can't get enough of giving things away!

Here is a picture of one of our first competition winners receiving his prize! Jonathan won this iPad for his amazing student advice video, which you can view here! We also had three runners-up who all received Amazon vouchers! You can view all the student advice videos here.


Get your FREE gifts!

We want you to enjoy the Student Success Festival!

Yes, we know. Studying and enjoyment don't exactly go hand-in-hand. We get it. It's hard, and expensive, and sometimes downright miserable. And while we can't wave a magic wand and make all the stress and anxiety nonexistent, we can help you deal with it.

Middlesex University is one of the leading universities in the UK for student support. There is so much available to you, and it's all free.

But the problem is, maybe you don't know how to access it. Maybe you don't want to speak to a stranger. Maybe you don't want to admit you need help.

These are all incredibly normal ways to be. But that doesn't change the fact that you're missing out on help that you're entitled to!

So, this is where the Student Success Festival comes in. This isn't your average event. You're not going to be expected to wander around the Quad, looking at desks and picking up leaflets which you'll never read.

Instead, we want you to have free gifts. We want you to play games. We want you to take part in competitions. We want to give you things, like iPads and goody bags and free treats and smoothies. Your only job is to show up, have fun, and take advantage of the freebies on offer. That's it!

Every year, we arrange for all the best support services we can offer to come along and meet you. To get to know you. After all, you're paying a lot of money to study with us, and while we can't say that that money guarantees you a degree (spoilers: it doesn't), we certainly owe it to you to offer you as much help, guidance, and support as we possibly can! 

So come along, see what you think and let us help you achieve every success you can!