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Police Degree Programmes: Searching for Information

Useful Databases

These databases allow you to search for material including articles, conference proceedings and books. Some, but not all, databases provide links to the full text of articles, where the university has a subscription to that title.

What is a literature Search?

A literature search is a systematic and comprehensive search for information. The information will inform and shape your research.  It will enable you to find out what has already been written in your subject and enable you to identify the main trends.  The information can be contained in books, journal articles, reports, case studies, policy documents, conference proceedings, etc.

Literature Search Planning Worksheet

Books and journals in neat piles to show sources of literature

Before you start your literature search use the worksheet below to plan what you are going to do.  This will help you work in a more systematic fashion and will provide you with a record of what you have done, to use when you write up your research methods.


Use these sites to search for copyright free or creative commons licensed images you can use in presentations

Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Online

Blackwell encyclopedia of sociology logo

Open Access Search Engines

Open access digital books