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Police Degree Programmes: Books, Journals & News


Advice for PCDA students doing their EPA

Front cover of Blackstone's handbook for policing students
Front cover of Understanding Policing and Professional Practice

This is one of the books in a series called 'The Professional Policing Curriculum in Practice', written with policing apprenticeships in mind. Click the front cover to see other books in the series


These are academic, peer-reviewed publications that present evidence-based research and ideas in the field of policing.

You can search within them to find articles on your topic. Library Search and Google Scholar will also find articles within these journals.

Professional News/Websites

These are news websites with a focus on police professionals. They're not 'academic' as they're not peer-reviewed, and may not present research, but they will be a good source of information for keeping up with the latest developments in the field.