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Art in the Library: Maggie Pettigrew

Introducing Maggie Pettigrew

Screenprint by Maggie PettigrewScreenprint by Maggie Pettigrew

As part of the recent refurbishment of Sunny Hill House for Wellbeing Services, Art in the Library asked Fine Art MA graduate Maggie Pettigrew if she could provide some framed screen prints to make the space more inviting and engaging. Her work offers a calm, contemplative mood which works well with the ethos of Wellbeing Services.

There are now eight of her prints on show in the reception areas of Sunny Hill House.  Maggie describes the main focus of her work as the inter-relationship between two and three-dimensional forms, and you can see the importance of architectural shapes in the pictures.

Maggie finished her studies at Middlesex in 2015, and her prints can also be seen on the Sheppard Library Ground Floor opposite the Requested Books area and on the First Floor near StudyHelp.

For more information about Maggie’s

Key Facts

Middlesex University Programme MA Fine Art
Graduated 2015
Previous location of work


Sheppard Library, Ground Floor
Sheppard Library, First Floor
Sheppard Library, Second Floor, Meeting Room
Sunny Hill House, Reception Area

Maggie Pettigrew

Picture of artist Maggie Pettigrew

Maggie Pettigrew is an artist who works in London and graduated from Middlesex University with an MA in Fine Art in 2015. Maggie had several works exhibited around the Sheppard Library and in Sunny Hill House, which have now been returned to her.

Prints in Sunny Hill House

Framed screenprints by Maggie Pettigrew

Glasgow Staircase

Detail of screenprint by Maggie Pettigrew

Glasgow Staircase (screenprint): Located: Sunny Hill House (Hendon Campus)