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Researching, Writing, and Publishing: Journals - getting cited and published

Repository and citations

Papers in our repository will be more easily found and better cited. It is searched by Google Scholar.  For more information see:

To search university repositories world wide for Open Access publications try BASE:


For further information contact your subject liaison librarian.

Other sources of journal bibliometrics

These links are to alternative sources of information on research journals:

Alternative impact metrics

These two resources go beyond conventional citation counts and into social media and the web to create impact measures.

Journals to be avoided

Please do follow the advice in other boxes to make sure you get published in a quality journal.

There are journals which have been set up specifically to capture open access papers and their quality has been questionned.  This Blog is a source of useful advice on this topic.

Citation indexes - Finding the best journals and articles

This powerpoint shows you the best ways to go looking for the journals and articles with the highest impact in your subject, including step by step instructions for working out the best journals to publish in.

Getting published in IEEE journals

Although this is a talk about getting published in IEEE journals, the lessons and advice are universal.


What ever research you are doing, you must ensure you have the right to use any third party material.  For detailed advice, see our Copyright pages.