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Open Access

What is Open Access?

Publications that are Open Access are available online for everyone to read, without the need to be a subscriber or to make a payment. Open Access therefore removes price barriers for the reader.

They may also be free of copyright and licensing restrictions, upon consent of the author and copyright holder. Open access therefore may also remove permission barriers .

See this Open Access Overview by Peter Suber for more information.

Middlesex University Policy on Open Access

This policy builds upon the previous Middlesex University Policy on Open Access Publishing which required research outputs to be deposited in the institutional repository.

It applies to all academic staff, all research staff and all students whose research outputs derive from their employment by the University, from research grants or otherwise from the use of University resources and facilities.

This policy requires researchers at Middlesex University to:

1) Create a record in the University repository for each of their research outputs.
2) Where legally permitted, make all research outputs Open Access upon acceptance for publication, in the University repository, in order to maximise the visibility of their research.
3) Provide a link to where the full output may be accessed, in cases where it is not permitted to include it in the repository.
4) Use the phrase “Middlesex University” within the research output when stating the address of the originating institution.

From: Middlesex University’s Open Access Publications Policy.

Some research funders (most notably the Research Councils UK, the Wellcome Trust and the EU Commission) have expectations that journal articles or outputs from their funded research should be made Open Access, and they specify how free of copyright and licensing restrictions the items should be. (See our Guide to complying with the RCUK Open Access policy and the Guide to the Horizon 2020 Open Access requirement.)

Open Research Glossary

Open Research Glossary - a glossary of terminology related to Open Access

Further information

For further information about:

The Research Repository email the Repository Team

Open Access email Jenny Basford

Funder requirements email Nick Balstone