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Trainee Nursing Associates: Your Library Resources

A very brief intro to Literature Searching

A very brief video about Keywords

Literature Searching -there's lots of advice on this page.

Have a look at the videos and the information on this page. Planning a good approach to your Literature Searching will lead to better results and give you a stronger foundation for success in your assignments.

Searching for UK focused articles

Help Sheets

Helpsheets and worksheets from literature searching sessions

CINAHL: focusing on UK content

Recommended resources

These resources are very useful for finding journal articles:

Useful resources for year two

Literature searching... and using CINAHL

CINAHL Basic Search

Visible Body - interactive apps for Anatomy & Physiology

Visible Body is an online anatomy & physiology learning package. It contains two resources:

  • Human Anatomy Atlas 2017  - interactive 3D models and animations
  • Anatomy & Physiology 2016 - a guided step by step introduction to each human body system with activities and quizzes.

Clinical Observations : Vital Signs