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Law and Legal Resources


  • If you want to search for exact phrases, use quotation marks. (i.e. “human rights”)
  • Use the Help section for the meaning of status icons (i.e. repealed, law in force, etc.)
  • For legislations, PDF copy is the original version. Amendments, if any, are not incorporated in the PDF file.
  • Free text – words used by researchers
  • Subject keywords – subject headings assigned by Westlaw people
  • Citing means the case is used by other cases
  • Cited means the cases cited in that specific case

Lexis Library

  • Use connectors – OR, AND, AND NOT – to relate your search terms to the rest of your search (i.e. administrative law AND NOT civil infringement actions)


  • Take note that HeinOnline uses American English. Use Advanced Search.
  • In advanced search, use CTRL key (in your keyboard) and left click (in your mouse) to select multiple subjects or titles. Choose “All subjects or All titles” to clear your choices. If you want to see the exact pages where your search terms appear, click View Matching Text Page.

vLex Justis

  • You may use title, citation or keywords to search for case law, legislation, EU law and/or journal articles.
  • Search results linked to MDX-subscribed databases may be accessed directly (i.e. Westlaw, HeinOnline, Lexis).

vLex Justis - Three ways to search from vLex on Vimeo.

Learn how to use the different search features on one of the world's most intelligent legal research solutions, vLex Justis.