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The importance of signing into your online library search...

Just like UniHub, your Library Search and Account is personal to you. 

Signing means that you can:

  • See availability of items in the library
  • Request books that are on loan
  • Manage your library account
  • Access your module reading lists
  • Save searches and create alerts
  • Export citations for RefWorks


​Sign in, every time you use Library Search! 

Access online Library Search here.

Library borrowing privileges 

  • Middlesex University students can take out up to 12 items in total at once. 
  • 12 items total can include a maximum of 2 DVDs and 1 laptop.
  • Items marked as '7-day' can be borrowed for at least 7 days. '7-day' loans are due for return 7 days after a request has been placed by another borrower.
  • Fiction books marked as '28-day' can be borrowed for at least 28 days. '28-day' loans are due for return 28 days after a request has been placed by another borrower.
  • Laptops are available for loan for a maximum of 3 hours.


Placing and managing your request

  • If you require an item already out on loan, it is important for you to place a request otherwise the current borrower will have no impetus to return the item to the library.
  • Items borrowed against your library account are automatically renewed everyday. Check your Middlesex University email daily for library notification of item returns or satisfied request.
  • Once notified, you are given seven days to return an item without incurring fines. 
  • We will notify you once requested items are ready to collect. You have seven days to collect the items before  they will be placed back into the collection.


Library conduct

The Library is a welcoming space for all Middlesex University students. We strive to provide an outstanding service with respect and fairness toward all. 

Out of consideration for fellow users, students are expected to:

  • Adhere to appropriate noise levels within the different study spaces (e.g. no talking within silent study area.)
  • Put mobile phones on silent (including alerts); take phone conversations outside.
  • Not leave unattended items within the library; items left unattended will be taken to security.
  • Not consume hot or aromatic food within the Library (e.g. take-away burgers and fries).
  • Use bins to dispose of all personal rubbish.
  • Familiarise themselves with copyright restrictions and not infringe copyright.
  • Return borrowed items in a timely fashion.
  • Only borrow items against their own library account using their own student card.

In return students can expect:

  • To be provided with pleasant and calm spaces for group work and individual study.
  • All Library staff to be friendly and approachable.
  • The library to be open 6 days per week (excluding national UAE holidays). 
  • To receive expert guidance for research.
  • Convenient quick borrowing and returns via the library kiosk and drop boxes.
  • Opportunities to borrow books, DVDs, laptop, and equipment free of charge for the agreed loan periods.  

Library and LIS (Library Individual Study)

Sunday to Wednesday                              8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Thursday                                                   8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Friday                                                        CLOSED

Saturday                                                    9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Contact the library


Phone  04 367 8124

Library fines

The library exist for all. Fines are implemented to ensure the timely return of items.

Most items are loanable for 7 days, with daily automatic renewals.

For 7 day loans that are requested by other borrowers, users have 7 days (from the time of request) to return items to the library.

Users must ensure that they check their university email daily for notifications of items that have been requested for return. For ease of access, students can simply link their student email account to their mobile device.

The overdue charge depends on the loan period of the item and whether or not there is an outstanding request from another student for an overdue item. The overdue fine for a seven day item is AED 1.00 per day. A ‘requested’ item that becomes overdue will automatically incur a charge of AED 10.00 per day.

Printing credits

All Middlesex University Dubai students are provided with 1000 pages printing credits per academic year. 

  • Rates of black and white printing = 0.11 AED
  • Rates of colour printing = 1.32 AED

One black or coloured print page from a coloured printer or copier is equivalent to twelve black print pages from a monochrome printer.

Monochrome printers are available in all computer labs in Block 16, 17, & 19 and Library Group Study.

Both printers in the Library are colour are will charge at the higher rate.

If students exceed their limit, extra print credit are available at the following rates:

  • 250 pages =  27.50 AED
  • 500 pages = 55 AED
  • 1000 pages = 110 AED

Pay at the Finance Office and present receipt at the IT office.