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Built Environment: Specialist Databases

Specialist Databases

The library subscribes to a range of databases which can be accessed from Mylibrary. 

These resources allow access to a varied range of information and services including:

  • Subject specific journal databases i.e. collections of journals, but often including other types of information such as book chapters, conference papers and research papers in a particular subject area e.g.  IEEE Xplore (computing and engineering)
  • Specialist/Themed information e.g. WGSN Lifestyle and Interiors (trends, forecasting, news, inspiration) 
  • Specific information types such as British Standards Online (Standards), Global Newsstream (newspapers) and Box of Broadcasts (TV and radio programmes)
  • Individual resources such as Britannica Online (encyclopedia)
  • Training/skills/alert services such as LinkedIn Learning (video tutorials - business, technology and creative skills) and Cite Them Right Online (referencing).

See below for guidance on how to access these specialist databases.

Specialist databases relevant to your programme are listed to the right.

Accessing Specialist Databases

Subject Specific Journal Databases

Journal databases enable access to journal articles and may also contain conference proceedings, research papers, newspapers, TV programmes and Standards.

Journal databases can usually be searched by subject and more specifically by author, type of material, article title, publisher, year, language or organisation.

Many databases provide full-text articles i.e. the articles can be read online.

Databases which are useful for BIM and architectural technology programmes include:

Specialist/Themed Information

Specific Information Types

Individual Resources

Training/Skills/Alert Services