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Referencing & Plagiarism: Referencing

Referencing and Citation

It's really important to learn how to reference your work properly.  A good piece of coursework is full of references to work that's been done by others before you, so good referencing habits will get you great marks. There are two parts to referencing:

  • Identify the reference in the text of your work. This is citation or in-text citation.
  • Provide a detailed list of all references you have used at the end of your work, this is a bibliography or reference list.

There are many different referencing styles. The most commonly used at Middlesex University is Harvard. For detailed information on how to cite and reference, please have a look at Cite Them Right basics. 

Converting lists of references in Word for RefWorks, EndNote,etc


This is one method for converting existing reference lists into RefWorks and other reference management systems.   But please note you will have to do quite a bit of work.  If you only have a few reference to convert it may be easier to search for them on Library Search or Google Scholar and import into RefWorks directly.

  1. Save your reference list as a .txt document.
  2. Register with text2bib.
  3. Login to text2bib,
  4. Browse for your .txt file and click Convert to BibTex.
  5. This launches the text2bib programme.  It looks at each reference in your list and places all the elements (author, title, journal title, etc) into fields in a table.  You will need to do some manual editing as it may not get all of this right.
  6. When you have done as much editing as you can, save each record.
  7. At the end of all the conversions, save the BibTex file.
  8. Open RefWorks
  9. Click + Add. 
  10. Choose Import References
  11. Select the BibTex file. 
  12. RefWorks will ask What is the format of this file?   Type in BibTex and choose it from the list which appears.
  13. Click Import.
  14. RefWorks will then import the references.
  15. Once you have the references imported, open each one and choose edit  (pen symbol)
  16. Use the RefWorks lightening bolt symbol(lightning bolt) by the title to check the reference and add more detail.
  17. Save the updated  reference  and move on to the next.
  18. You can then use all the normal RefWorks features to put the references into folders and cite as you write.


Referencing Style Guides

Cite Them Right Online is the standard source of information for citation and referencing.  Please use this unless you are studying one of the subjects listed below.

RefWorks: reference management software

Other reference management software

Only RefWorks is supported by Middlesex University Library, so if you haven't decided what to use, please look at RefWorks first.

Alternatives you may wish to use are: