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News sources- how they are useful

News sources can be a valuable source of information for current events and general awareness and for example can be useful for cross checking information on Social Media.

As with all information sources it is important to evaluate the information and to be aware of potential bias in the sources. With news sources there can be many factors to take into account that may affect how sources report on certain events and news. That is why it can useful to check a range of news sources and compare and contrast how they report on certain issues, this can help you to assess the information and look for different view points on events. 

Here at Middlesex University we provide a range of databases and access to news sources that make it easier for you to search a range of news sources and reporting from a range of news sources across the globe. This can help you search for information from a range of sources at the click of a button. This guide has links to these news sources and links to support if you need it.  

Historical news sources

For local, national and international news

For help in making the most of these resources, please ask your librarian for help