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Graphic Design and Fashion


To get good marks you need to back up your arguments with evidence from academic information source.

Journals should be key information sources for your essays, dissertations or research projects. Our journal collection is online, easy to browse, search and access using the library's search tool, Library Search.  

But what's a journal?

Journals are specialist publications, containing short, in-depth articles which describe or report on new research. Journal articles go into detail on very specific subject areas.

Journals are a great source of current information as like magazines, they’re produced on a continual basis. As journals are published more quickly and more often than books, they can give more up-to-date information. 

To check if we have access to a journal title consult the Journal Title Search

Journals related to Graphic Design, Fashion, Illustration, Media, Advertising, Cultural Studies, Photography, and Animation Journals

Need articles? Start at Library Search. Details of all Scholarly & Peer-Reviewed, magazine, newspaper articles that are held within the Middlesex University collection can be access via the universal Library Search.


To browse for articles:

  • Put relevant keywords into the Library Search query box.
  • Select 'Articles+' from the boxes drop down menu. 
  • Use left-hand filters to narrow down results
  • Click on results to see our holdings.  



To search for a specific article:

  • Put in a few words from the article title and the author’s family name
  • Select 'Article+' from the boxes drop down menu. 
  • Use the filters to refine the results
  • Click on results to see our holdings.  

You can also use the Advanced Search or Journal Title Search to create a more specific search.


Library Search 

Middlesex University Dubai Library has thousands of electronic journal articles. 

To search within the Dubai articles collection, use the search box below powered by the Middlesex University Library Search:


Library Search 

Middlesex University Dubai Library has thousands of electronic newspaper articles.

To search within the Dubai newspaper article collection, use the search box below powered by the Middlesex University Library Search:


You can also search newspaper collections directly through the Library databases:

Our library databases help us electronically store and manage access to journal articles, eBooks, newspapers, company information, market research, and much more!

Databases work like search engines but better. You can be very precise and search for information using criteria. For example, scholarly articles with the keyword Social Media, from 2010 to 2016.

The highly organised information allows you to get very specific results. Filters make it easy for you to narrow your results down further.   

Different databases usually focus on particular subject areas. Listed below are databases relevant to Media.

The full A-Z Databases list contains over 160 different information sources - why not check it out? Click on the info icons to learn more about each service.


Subject databases for articles, abstracts, literature reviews, conference proceedings, case studies, and more...

   ACM Digital Library

The Full-Text Collection of all Association of Computing Machinery publications, including journals, conference proceedings, technical magazines, newsletters and books.

   Art Full Text  

Historical and contemporary fine art, some applied arts and design. Some material is available in full-text.


Mainly 20th/21st century coverage of fine art including design.

   Design & Applied
   Arts Index

Covers all aspects of design, applied arts and crafts. There are links to some
full-text material.

   Arts & Humanities
   Citation Index

Scholarly coverage of arts and humanities subjects including some design.

   Humanities                 International               Complete

Humanities International Complete provides full text for over 1200 journals, together with books and other published sources from around the world. It also contains all the data from Humanities International Index providing indexing and abstracting for over 2000 journals. Much of its full-text content is not found in other databases.


Art, Language and literature, mathematics, statistics, music, film studies, folklore, performing arts, religion, and the history and study of art and architecture.


Professional/Image Databases

   Vogue Archive

The (US) Vogue Archive contains the entire run of Vogue Magazine from 1892
to the present, reproduced in high quality page images.
The latest issue is added each month.

   Fashion Monitor

Students need to complete registration (before logging-in for the first time)

Fashion & Beauty Monitor is the professional database that provides news, blogs, insights, and elearning for businesses who represent the very best of fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Fashion & Beauty Monitor is a leading influencer marketing and PR solutions provider for the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.


Online resource for exploring the work of British based film and video artists. Video clips of artists' work are supplemented by biographies, reviews and articles. Contains over 4000 films and videos by over 1000 international artists. Luxonline is a project by LUX, an arts agency which explores ideas around artists' moving image practice through exhibition, distribution, publishing, education and research.

Over 40,000 online tutorials and documentaries, covering software such as Photoshop, Adobe, Microsoft Office,etc, plus expert advice on effective presentations, digital photography, blogs and much more.

   WGSN Fashion

Worth Global Style Network Fashion provides forward trend analysis and creative intelligence for designers and fashion professionals. It provides 24/7 access to future fashion, apparel and fabric trends, colour palettes, international fashion news and trade show reports.

   Women’s Wear           Daily Archive

A comprehensive archive of the US’s most influential fashion journal Women’s Wear Daily, from the first issue in 1910 to material from within the last twelve months, reproduced in high-resolution images.


For Market Research, Company Information, Trends, and Statistics