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Specialist Communication for Professionals: Services

Services Offered


            One to One Tuition                 Research into Local Needs


Individual and Group Tuition          Consultancy and Course Design


Individual Tasks and Feedback      Online Resources and Tuition


How can we work with you?

How we work 

We can work with you and your staff in a range of ways to aid language and communication skill development.  Our courses are all bespoke and based on local needs and expectations.

Our work always begins with an initial consultation with our partner institutions.  We would meet with you to discuss the language and communication needs of your staff, department and context and what your expectations would be from engaging with our course.

In our discussion we would explore the possibilities and make decisions regarding:

  • Whether you would require Individual and group tuition
  • Whether you would prefer face to face or online tuition, or perhaps a blended learning approach
  • What online resources we could design for you
  • What the content and resources would need to be designed
  • What individual tasks and activities we could implement to provide individual feedback
  • How we can approach individual reports, assessment and certificates 
  • How you would prefer us to manage the administration of the course and courses 
  • The timeframes and practicalities of the project

If you would like to discuss the possiblities then click on the 'Contact us' tab and get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!