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Natural Science: Literature Searching

Starting your literature search

What is a literature search?

A literature search is a systematic and comprehensive search for information. This information will inform, underpin and /or shape your research. 

A literature search will enable you to find out what has already been written in your subject area and identify the main trends. 

The information may be found in books, journal articles, reports, case studies, policy documents, conference proceedings etc.

Follow the links below for help:

On this page are some useful books and journal articles to help you get started.

Journal Articles

Internet Tutorials

Learn how to make discerning use of the Internet to help find information for coursework, literature reviews or personal research.

The following tutorials are written, reviewed and regularly updated by a national team of UK university lecturers and librarians with the aim of supporting students, lecturers and researchers in UK higher education. 

Find out which Web sites they recommend, and get some authoritative and reliable advice from these experienced Internet researchers.

Google Scholar Search Box

Google Scholar Search

A Selection Of Useful Literature Searching E-Books

Click on the titles below to access these e-books:

Accessing Electronic Resources

To access our electronic resources (e-books, e-journals, and databases)  you need to sign into MyUniHub first and follow these links:

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For help, watch the videos below:

Useful statistics books