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Mental Health

NHS Resources

As NHS employees you are entitled to additional online access to resources that are provided by the NHS. Remember this access is an NHS entitlement which will continue once you complete your module.

RefWorks for Searchers and Researchers

Ordering your journal article

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The main purpose of a database is to find references to the good quality research evidence.

Usually you will be able to access the article straight away; however sometimes you will need to order the article through our Inter Library Loans Service   Note: Currently there is no charge for requests due to the Covid-19 crisis.  

Google Scholar for citation searching

You can use Google Scholar as a research aid to track the citations of any article you are interested in or to get a sense of that article's impact.

Google Scholar does not cover specific journal titles or years and results are gathered using web crawlers. Non-scholarly sources may be included in the results so it should only be used in conjunction with academic databases and sources.

Google Scholar

Finding Books and Journal Articles

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Use Library Search to find your books, journal articles and other online resources.

Resources for your 3rd Year Quality Improvement Initiative Proposal

Literature searching for your essays and presentations

Further databases and resources to explore

Useful websites