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Welcome to Middlesex University’s Sheppard Library and to your Hong Kong Management Association course resources. 

Use this guide to find out about the resources available to you from Middlesex University and how you can access them.

Middlesex is supporting your studies by providing access to resources which are appropriate to the following programmes:

  • BSc Information Technology and Business Information Systems
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Resources provided by Middlesex University Library

The resources you need for your course are listed below:


Login as a Middlesex student

If you haven't already done so, in order to access the library resources provided for you:

  • Login to myUnihub 
  • Click on My Study
  • Click on My Library
  • Click on 'My Subject - Library Guides'
  • Click on the name of your institution to access your resources

Resources provided by Hong Kong Management Association

You may also be required to use the following resources which are supplied via Hong Kong Management Association.  Please contact the HKMA library for more information on how to access them.

  • ACM - Association of Computing Machinery
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Staff Support

If you have questions regarding access to Middlesex University Library resources or would like to report an issue with this guide, please contact:

Jamie Halstead