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Box of Broadcasts: Programme Guide

How do I use the Programme Guide?

The programme guide contains tiles for all the programmes available to watch or record from the last 30 days of television transmission. The nine most popular channels are listed first, with all content automatically recorded after broadcast. Other channels will need to be requested by the user within 30 days of broadcast. If you need to plan ahead, recordings can be made seven days in advance too.

To navigate forward and backward in time, use the left and right arrow; scrolling vertically will reveal more channels. The colour of the action text represents the status of that programme:

  • Blue: available to record
  • Amber: scheduled to record and in the transcoding queue (programmes can take up to 12 hours from the end of broadcast to become available for streaming)
  • Green: available to watch now


Example of the Programme guide in BoB

Image of BoB programme guide



What is myBoB?

MyBoB is your personal area. Any requests for programmes you make are made available in this area.

You can also create playlists to store programmes in myBoB

If you create clips these are kept in MyBob.