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Inter Library Loans: Welcome

What are inter library loans?


If the material you require for your studies or research is not held by the University's Sheppard Library or available via its electronic resources, the Inter-Library Loans service is here to help you. We work with the British Library and other University libraries both in the UK and abroad, to obtain the books* or articles you require.

*Books on Inter-Library Loan must be collected from and returned to the library in person. For this reason, book requests can only be accepted from UK registered students and staff. Electronic delivery of book chapters may be possible.

A £3 administrative charge (UK)* will apply for requests from undergraduate and taught postgraduate students.

*Dubai - 15 AED, Malta - 4 Euros, Mauritius - Rs. 125 (Mauritius students - your request will not be processed until the charge has been paid).

The service is available to all registered Middlesex University students and UK staff with a current library registration.

If you are a distance learner and need to borrow books from Middlesex University Library stock, please see our information on Postal Loans.

Accessing inter library loans

Accessing the Inter-Library Loans System

If you have used the service before, please click on the button below to log in and make your request:


You will need to register the first time you use the service. Please see the video.

If you have not made an inter-library loan request before or you need further information please read the Inter-Library Loan Service Rules below and the Before you submit a request and Submit a request sections in this guide.

If you have any further queries please contact us at or call us on 020 8411 2178

Inter Library Loan service rules


  • Inter library loan article copies must be ordered by and supplied to a named individual for their personal research and study only.  These personal copies cannot be legally shared with others either in print or by electronic means.
  • Copies of articles supplied for commercial purposes or group research projects have to be copyright cleared.  This incurs additional charges depending on the publisher.  Examples are the publication of a book for sale or profit making research for a commercial customer or where articles are shared within a research team.
  • These legal limits are required by Section 42A of the Copyright Act and therefore outside the control of library staff.

 Cap on requests

  • Any free inter library loans listed below will be subject to a cap of 40 items per year, unless the appropriate subject Liaison Librarian agrees with the customer that more can be ordered, for example for a comprehensive literature review.   This is to ensure that no one customer places excessive demand or cost on the service.
  • If no such agreement is made, then costs for items over the limit will be recharged to the appropriate School or Service


  • Books and other items:
    • Taught course students:  £3.00 per item (which covers approximately 30% of the cost).
    • Academic staff and research students: Free (but subject to a cap).
  • Copies of articles requested by an individual for their personal research and study:
    • Taught course students:  £3.00 per item (which covers approximately 30% of the cost).
    • Academic staff and research students: Free (but subject to a cap).
  • Copies of articles requested for commercial purposes or for group research:
    • Request charge plus additional copyright cleared copy fees charged, typically a total of around £40.00 per article.
    • This will be charged to Schools and Services and those wishing to make requests for commercial purposes or group research should provide a written agreement to this before any requests are made.
  • Theses
    • Most UK theses are available for free download via Ethos. 
    • Where a thesis is borrowed in print, the book charges above will apply.
    • Where a charge is required to cover the digitisation of a UK thesis, the following will apply:
      • Taught course students:  Full cost of any charges. 
      • Staff and research students:  Free.  (The library will cover any digitisation fees, such as those imposed for Ethos requests. Subject to a cap.)
    • Where a charge is made for purchase, the following will apply:
      • Undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, research, academic and administrative staff staff: Full cost (as this is the equivalent of purchasing a book for personal use).


  • Charges to students will be added to library accounts for payment.
  • Staff charges for any paid for services will be charged to Schools or Services, subject to any conditions noted above. 
  • Staff wishing to use copyright cleared material (i.e. material required for commercial purposes or group resaerch projects) must ensure the agreement of the School or Service to fund these materials before they are ordered, given the high costs involved.