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Inter Library Loans and Document Supply: Renewals, returns & charges

Renewals and returns

  • As Inter-Library Loans are not our stock, you cannot renew them yourself on our library system. If you wish to renew your Inter-Library Loan, please contact us at We will then contact the supplier to ask if a renewal is possible.

  • Instructions for returning your Inter-Library Loan should be on the bookstrap but if you are unsure, please contact us on and we will send you the relevant instructions.

  • If we email you to say that an item has been recalled, please ensure that it is returned by the new date we give you. 

Charges - During lockdown the £3 administrative charge (UK) and renewal charges, as detailed below, were suspended and remain so for the time being. Charges incurred before 16/03/2020 however (including lost item replacement charges) will stand.

  • An administrative charge of £3.00, will be made for all Inter-Library Loan requests received from Undergraduate, postgraduate (including MA, MSc, MProf) and MA/MSc by Research students whatever the nature of the material. This is a subsidized cost, as we are currently charged £17.15 for each book and £10.65 for each article supplied. Items acquired from overseas incur even higher charges. 

  • NB You will still be liable for the administrative charge if your request has been processed but you no longer require it, as we will already have incurred charges from the supplying library. 

  • This charge may also be sent to the schools of MPhil/PhD/Doctorate/MProf and DProf/Academics who have exceeded their quota of 40 free requests and not had any extra allocation agreed by their Subject Liaison Librarian.

    • A further charge of £5.45 may be made to these students for each renewal on an item.

    • The British Library currently levies a charge of £194.80 (more for very expensive items) on very late, lost or damaged items. This may be passed on to you.

  • Payment may be made via the Online Store.

  • Copies of articles requested for commercial purposes or sharing with colleagues:
    • This service is being piloted to provide copyright cleared (CFP) articles, required for commercial purposes or sharing with colleagues. Currently there is no charge to academic staff or departments. This may be reviewed however, depending on the level of demand and cost to the library.