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Thrive: Home

An overview of resources and support to keep you thriving at University.

What is wellbeing?

The World Health Organisation define health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." You can find read more about looking after your health and wellbeing on UniHub and on our #TeamMDX wellbeing toolkit page. Your wellbeing is affected by your physical health as well as your mental health, and a number of other factors such as how you are getting on with your studies, your financial circumstances, and your personal relationships. 

Our approach at Middlesex is one of health promotion, meaning that we encourage you to proactively look after your health by getting into healthy habits and practicing self-care. We have a number of resources to support you with this. We have a number of dedicated support services available to you and encourage you to reach out for support to be the most successful student you can be. You should contact the services as soon as you feel like you need support rather than waiting. You can find a summary of Support and Wellbeing at Middlesex on UniHub. Keep up with the monthly wellbeing spotlights - links to previous spotlights can be found below:

October 2021 - Healthy habits

November 2021 - Health conditions and disabilities 

December 2021 - Sexual health and healthy relationships

January 2022 - Exploring your identity and developing gratitude

February 2022 1.0 & February 2022 2.0 - Healthy eating, nutrition, and support with disordered eating

March 2022 - Procrastination and study skills

April 2022 - Stress management

May 2022 - Mental health & Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW)

June 2022 - Life skills & careers


Health and wellbeing at MDX

#TeamMDX wellbeing toolkit

To keep yourself thriving through your time at university, you need to develop healthy self-care routines and build up a wellbeing toolkit of resources and activities which you can draw upon. Your wellbeing toolkit is a resource or a collection of resources which help to tip the wellbeing scales upwards. Be mindful of stressors and challenges which can tip the wellbeing scale downwards. In more challenging times, you will need to counteract this by working especially hard to keep yourself well.

Support and wellbeing if you’re living abroad

As a Middlesex student, we want you to feel part of the University no matter where you are.  You may be an international student who has been unable to join us in London or, perhaps, you are a UK student currently living abroad  - we want to ensure that you know how to access support when you need it.

Study support

Having the right support in place to support your studies is an integral part of your wellbeing. Explore support on offer from the Learning Enhancement Team, Student Learning Assistants, the Library and IT services. 


Fika is a mental fitness app, exclusively free for MDX students. Work on the 7 skills of mental fitness with Fika: stress management, positivity, focus, motivation, confidence, connection with others, and meaning. Take a 5 minute daily 'workout' to help you to remain well during your time at Middlesex and beyond.

Move More, Get More with MDXMoves

Use your mobile phone to track your steps and start claiming free rewards on campus. The more you move, the more MDXMove points you score. Walk, run, cycle, or anything else to stay active, all activities count. You are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for a variety of goodies from retailers and brands both on and off campus. Get things like free coffees, massage, gym memberships, Graze boxes and more.

Fitness Pod

The Fitness Pod is our fitness facility right here on campus, located on the lower ground floor of MDX House. The Fitness Pod gym has a variety of fitness equipment. 

Student Light

Student Light is a digital platform for students, created to Connect, Empower and Liberate students founded by one of MDX's own. 


Middlesex Students’ Union (MDXSU) exists to help you make the most of your time at university. Explore the website for opportunities to connect with peers, develop your skills and support your wellbeing.

Employment and careers support

MDXWorks provides a range of opportunities and services to support your career development. Whether you are working part-time, looking for work, or planning for your future career, MDXworks can support you.

Support services

Your support services are here to help you with day to day University processes, as well as additional support should you need this throughout your time at Middlesex. 

Support if you are a carer

We are committed to supporting students with caring responsibilities.

Normalising asking for help

External wellbeing reads and resources

Supporting a friend who is feeling low

Disability and Dyslexia Service

The Uni Doctor

We recommend registering with a General Practitioner (GP) or doctor as soon as you arrive at Middlesex or the UK. It's important not to wait to become ill to do this, but rather to be proactive. GPs are often the first point of contact and can refer you to more specialist care should you need it. If you are moving from another GP in England, your new GP should have access to your previous health records. The NHS has more information on getting medical care as a student. If you are an international student, visit the international students and healthcare page. You can register with some GPs such as The Uni Doctor before you arrive in the UK (if applicable), however you can decide to register with whichever GP you choose. Find out more on UniHub.

In it together with #TeamMDX

LinkedIn Learning resources

LinkedIn Learning is part of the LinkedIn network. It is a website packed full of videos, tutorials and fully-curated courses taught by recognised industry experts. 

As a Middlesex University student, you have free access to this valuable resource, with which you can learn new business, technology and creative skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.  Use your subscription to this website to develop, supplement and enhance your learning and/or professional career at Middlesex University. Here are some LinkedIn Learning wellbeing resources. 

Supporting your Wellbeing During times of Change and Uncertainty

Supporting your Mental Health while working from home

Avoiding Burnout

Staying Positive and Productive during Uncertainty

Developing Resilience & Grit

You can find out more about LinkedIn Learning on the LinkedIn Learning LibGuide.

Counselling and Mental Health