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Skills Focus Workshops

Register for the Library Focus Workshops if you need help:

  • AI tools for university work
  • Academic honesty: Avoiding pitfall that lead to misconduct
  • Accessing business databases and researching company information
  • Citing and referencing (using APA or Harvard style referencing)  
  • Developing a successful search strategy
  • Editing your work
  • Exam techniques
  • FactCheck: Recognising fake news
  • Finding information for your assignments             
  • Internet searching for research
  • Making networking work for you
  • Organising your research and planning for the essay/report 
  • Paraphrasing techniques
  • Reading effectively
  • Researching resources for Law
  • Revision Strategies
  • Structuring your writing
  • Time management 
  • Using feedback to improve academic performance
  • Using RefWorks and Mendeley
  • Your resumes and beyond! Cracking the resume and job search code


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2023-24 Spring term workshops

Time: Afternoon 1pm & Evening 6pm online (Unless otherwise stated) 

  • Thursday – 22nd February – Citing and referencing: Harvard style referencing (1pm face-to-face & 6pm online)
  • Tuesday 27th February – Using feedback to improve academic performance
  • Wednesday 28th February – Time management (6pm online)
  • Thursday 29th  February – Internet searching for research (10am face-to-face & 6pm online)
  • Wednesday 6th March – Paraphrasing (6pm online)
  • Thursday 7th March – Accessing business databases and researching company information (10am face-to-face & 6pm online)
  • Tuesday 12th March – Revision strategies (11am online)
  • Wednesday 13th March – AI tools for university work (4pm online)
  • Tuesday 19th March – Exam techniques (11am online)
  • Wednesday 20th March – Researching resources for Law (4pm online)
  • Thursday 21st March – Academic honesty: avoiding pitfall that lead to misconduct (4pm online)
  • Tuesday 26th March – Using software to manage citing and referencing (4pm online)
  • Monday 1st April – Citing and referencing (Harvard style referencing) (4pm online)

If you are unavailable during these times please CLICK HERE to email the Library for individual one-to-one help! 

Library Focus Workshops

FREE workshops offered by Middlesex Dubai Library and

Centre for Academic Success

Library Focus workshops aim to develop your research skills and help get the most out of your Library resources. We are here to deliver research training to build the skills and confidence you need to succeed in your academic career and beyond...


AI tools for university work

Harness the power of AI tools to use ethically and responsibly within your university work. Join our short workshop and discover a range of AI-driven resources designed to enhance your academic journey and beyond. 



Academic honesty: avoiding pitfall that lead to misconduct          

This session will explore common misconceptions about plagiarism, academic integrity, and the function of Turntin.  It will look at reasons why students make the choice of taking a short cut and highlight the many tools Middlesex provide to assist students.



Accessing business databases and researching company information       

This session explores our business databases for both academic and professional journal articles plus sources of company information. We will discuss the best resources to use for accessing articles, before undertaking a practical exercise using three of our academic databases: Business Source Complete, Passport and IBISWorld. 



Citing and referencing (using APA, OSCOLA or Harvard style referencing)               

This session will take you through the basics of APA, OCSOLA or Harvard referencing systems. We will look at how to cite and reference a number of different sources and why referencing is an important academic skill. This workshop will include activities and discussion about citing and referencing. Please note: check dates for appropriate referencing style to your discipline.

MDX School

Referencing style

Accounting and Finance


Art and Design












Science and Technology


Developing a successful search strategy 

This workshop provides an introduction to the ‘success’ search strategy. We will provide you with the guidelines to consider your information needs, information sources, and search techniques within specific contexts. By applying the ‘success’ search strategy, you’ll spend less time searching but still find relevant quality materials for your assignment. 



Editing your work (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)           

Learn about the best strategies and tools for checking your assignments to maximise your grades.  You will learn about which aspects to check and edit and use Grammarly practically to improve the flow of your writing.



Exam techniques (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)              

Do you go blank in exams?  Learn some strategies for managing exam stress and maximising your grades.



FactCheck: Recognising fake news          

"A lie can travel halfway around the world before the truth can get its boots on…". You’ve heard the expression 'fake news', but what does it really mean? For university students it’s especially important to distinguish fact from fiction and recognise purveyors of misinformation. In this workshop we break down the language around this topic and give tips to help you protect yourself from misinformation.



Finding information for your assignments                          

This session will provide an overview of information which you can use in your assignments and how you can get hold of it. We’ll provide tips on how you can find quality information efficiently and with ease. We will consider various information sources and how you should evaluate these in your work. 



Internet searching for research

We live in a world of infobesity. The internet is bursting with information and it can be difficult to wade through the irrelevant stuff. This workshop will prepare university students to utilise the internet in finding information sources of good academic quality. It will also cover evaluation criteria in identifying reliable websites for specific research needs.



Organising your research and planning for the essay/report (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)          

Throughout your MDX studies, you will have to conduct extensive research, often working on multiple assignments at once. Learn how to organise your research notes, create templates and complete your assignments more efficiently.



Paraphrasing techniques (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)             

Hone the important academic skill of paraphrasing, as this will help you to avoid plagiarism.  In this workshop, we will reflect on various paraphrasing techniques and practice making notes by paraphrasing.



Reading effectively (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)         

At university, you will be navigating reading lists and consulting journals, books and websites; perhaps reading more than you have ever done before!  This session will introduce you to strategies for choosing the best sources to use and getting the most understanding out of each text.  We will look at some texts and practice effective reading techniques. 



Researching resources for Law  

This session explores our Law databases for law reports, legislation, and full text journals. We will discuss the best techniques for accessing resources, before undertaking a practical exercise using three of our databases: Heinonline, Lexis Library, and Westlaw.



Revision strategies (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)           

If you have timed tests and exams, this workshop will help you to learn some new techniques for remembering facts, data and module information.  Think about how you learn best and harness your strengths to revise effectively.



Structuring your writing (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)

Structure in academic writing is about the overall argument and how it flows from the introduction to the conclusion. This workshop will unpack the various sections of an essay and report and provide practical guidance on how to achieve cohesion in your writing through effective paragraphing.



Time management (delivered by the Centre for Academic Success)         

Learn how to cope with all the assignment deadlines on your course so that you can enjoy your studies and know how to prioritise and balance the various aspects of your personal, professional and student life.  In this workshop you will be looking at your module handbooks and drawing up a planner for the year.



Using feedback to improve academic performance          

When you get assignments back from your tutor, what do you look at first?  The grade or the feedback? The function of feedback is to enhance learning and provide ideas for how to improve future assignments. This workshop will explore key things you need to do to maximise the usefulness of your tutor feedback.



Using software to manage citing and referencing

For students confident in citing and referencing. This session will introduce biblographic software to help you manage your references and help you cite and reference within Word documents.



Your resumes and beyond! Cracking the resume and job search code (delivered by Careers and Employability Service)

This session aims to provide an in-depth look into the process of applying for jobs and crafting resumes. You will learn the fundamentals of job searching. It will cover topics such as how to write a compelling cover letter, how to tailor resumes to the job you’re applying for, and tips and tricks for standing out in the job search process.

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We want your ideas for future workshops! What would you like the Library Team to offer? Whether its accessing our databases, spotting fake news, or help with finding academic sources. Our aim is to help you achieve your potential.

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