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Translation and Interpreting Short Courses: Home

Finding Resources

Use Library Search to find open access articles.

Translation and Interpreting books are on the third floor (starting at 418.02).


When writing assignments it is important to reference your work properly.
There are three main reasons for doing this:

  • You need to acknowledge the work that is not yours, and so avoid committing plagiarism.
  • It enables other people to read the documents that you have read.
  • It shows the breadth of knowledge that you have consulted.

There are two parts to referencing:

  1. The citation is included in the text. It shows that what you have written is not your own idea (or research). If you do not correctly cite other people’s work, you are plagiarising.
  2. The reference is included in a list at the end. It gives the full details of what you have cited, so that someone else can read what you have read.



Clearing your Browser Cache

If you are having problems accessing library e-resources, this useful guide will show you how to clear your browser cache.  Just click on the link.