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Prototype page for the Advanced Lit Searching page in Studyhub online


These resources are designed to build on skills you learned in our Finding Academic Information pages. 

The pages include citation searching, finding quality journals, saving and organising references with RefWorks, using other academic and research libraries, requesting inter library loans and research software such as Nvivo and SPSS.

Citation searching and quality journals

Citation searching using Web of Science enables you to find journal articles which have cited a paper after it was written.  So if you have a key paper for your project wirtten in 2000, you can see who cited it in 2002, 2010 and 2017.  This enables you to see how research has developed since the paper was written.  You can also use Web of Science to find the top journals in your subject.  To learn more see these how to slides:

RefWorks - your personal referencing library

RefWorks enables you to store all the references for your project along with the pdfs of articles.  You can then automatically create the citations and reference list in Word as you write.   The slides below tell you what to do:

Happy to give RefWorks a go? Follow this link to set up your account:

Requesting things the library doesn't have

Middlesex University Library has access to millions of journal articles and thousands of books.  But we can't provide everything.  So if we don't have something you need to use the inter library loans service to get wat you need.  These videos explain what you need to do.

First you need to register for our Inter Library Loan service.  You only do this once:

Then you can request things we don't have:

If you are in Library Search then requests are even easier, as Library Search populates the request form for you:

Using other university and research libraries

Some times your studies may mean you need to use another library because it has a specialist collection or simply because you need a place to study closer to home.  Within the UK and Ireland you can do this through SCONUL Access:

Software for projects

You may be asked by your tutor to use specialist software for your final project or dissertation.  The commonest are:

  • Nvivo
  • SPSS
  • Minitab
  • Survey Monkey

The videos below are self learning programmes from which will teach you how to use them.  Other videos on other software plus topics such as interview technique are also available.




Survey Monkey: