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Art in the Library: Julie Ann Steward

Introducing Julie Ann Steward

Artwork by Julie Ann Steward

Key Facts

Middlesex University Programme MA Fine Art
Graduated 2012

Location of work

Sheppard Library, Second Floor, Open Access Lab

Assembly Points

Assembly Points

"These works began their life as two of a set of five photographic prints on billboards installed by another student in 2005 at the emergency assembly points on the former Cat Hill campus of Middlesex University.   To save them from the bulldozer in 2011, I uprooted them and brought them with me to the Hendon campus, where I worked on them with acrylic paint and bits of detritus from the Cat Hill site, to transform them into a representation of the transition between displacement and relocation."

Julie Ann Steward  

MA in Fine Art 2010 – 2012


Artwork by Julie Ann Steward