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Library Employability Resources

Preparing for interview

Knowledge is power so, when preparing for interview, it is a good idea to be armed with as much knowledge as possible about the sector, industry, company and people.  This allows you to be prepared for difficult questions at interview, know what it is employers are looking for, and talk with confidence about particular aspects of the sector which other candidates might not have.

You can use a whole range of resources from the Library to get more in-depth, inside knowledge to help you tailor and target your CV, job application forms, and prepare for interviews.

You can practice for your interview using the Shortlist.Me platform.

Research the company

It is a good idea to prepare for interviews by generally finding out more about the challenges and opportunities facing the industry/company that you are hoping for interview in.  

You can use the databases listed here to find out more about particular companies, research market sectors and get industry reports to make sure that you are ready to answer any tricky questions you might be asked.

Researching the industry

Use these databases to research the industry that you're interested in working in.  An insight into the potential opportunities and challenges faced by the industry as a whole, can help you speak with confidence about the sector.

Current awareness and news

You can find out up-to-date news and articles from the popular, specialist and trade press using the databases below.  A bit of research using these can be a great way to find out about what is being reported about your particular company or industry.

Conduct research on your interviewers

If you have a job or internship interview, start can researching not just the company but also the interviewers, if you know who they will be.

The Bloomberg BIO function links all related Bloomberg News stories on finance professionals to their biography page. 

  • Type BIO into the command line followed by the name of the person in question then see if that individual is available on the autocomplete. If they are not, click on the blue “more choices” wording at the bottom of autocomplete
  • Once you have selected a name, it displays their biography with all related Bloomberg News stories at the bottom of the page 


The Bloomberg Terminal (located in the Financial Markets Lab in the Library) is the only place where you can access the Bloomberg News archive, as it is not picked up on Google News searches or any other news platform.  To use this facility, please book an appointment using the link below.

Starting your own business

You can use COBRA to find information that can help, in particular, with starting and running a business, the types of support available in your area, particular rules and regulations, as well as:

  • Business opportunity profiles
  • Factsheets
  • Sector guides
  • Local area profiles

A great source of information for you if you want to get some initial information to help you understand how you might go about freelance work, for example, in a particular area along with job profiles and opportunities in that role.