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Middlesex University Malta Library: Journals, Conference Proceedings and Newspapers


The Library subscribes to a range of periodicals (print and electronic) and newspapers.

Periodicals are regular publications (eg. published weekly or monthly) anything from popular magazines to academic journals.

Magazines are usually aimed at the general public or a professional, business or interest, and contain articles, news, opinions, job adverts, new product reviews, events and advertising. Examples of magazines include Harvard Business Review, IEEE computer, IEEE Spectrum, Time, Newsweek, Good Housekeeping, Elle and Sports Illustrated.

Academic journals focus on a specific subject area and contain detailed articles, papers and research and they are aimed at researchers or specialists. The articles in a journal contain an abstract and a bibliography.  Examples of journals include  IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Education, Journal of the American Medical Association,American Sociological Review, Educational Research Quarterly, and Evolutionary Biology. Many are peer-reviewed, so the articles included in them have been assessed for quality by experts before publication.

Conference proceedings are the collection of papers that were presented at an association's conference or meeting. Conferences provide the opportunity for people to present their research and get input from other researchers and colleagues in their field. It can help you discover what is currently being researched in a particular field.

Use Library Search for journal articles on a specific subject or for reading journals page by page.  

Library Search can also be accessed via My Unihub > My Study > My Library > Library Search.

However, please be aware that if you use Library Search, it may return results that are unable to access. We make as many resources as possible available to students at overseas campuses, but not all licences allow this. The main resources you will need for your course will be available and searchable via Library Search. You can also search subject specific journal databases (more info).

Please ask your Librarian if you have trouble accessing any full-text resources such as e-books or articles.


The Library subscribes to the following newspaper resources:

Newspapers can be useful sources of information because:

  • they provide daily news and information
  • Information can be national or local
  • they are up-to-date
  • easy to read


  • they can be sensationalist
  • they can be bias eg. political