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Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine: SoMM library resources

Welcome to the Sheppard Library

Welcome to the Sheppard Library and to your SOMM course. 

Use this guide to find out about the resources available to you and how you can access them.  If you have any questions please email me using the link on the right-hand side of the page. 

Below my contact information you will see the slides on how to do Literature Searching.  You can expand this to full screen.

Good luck and enjoy your studies!

Resources with free full text articles

You can access these collections from anywhere on or off campus.  They have free full text.

Resources with limited full text

On-campus only resources

You must be on campus and logged into one of our PCs to access the full text.  This is because of the licenses we have with the resource suppliers.

If you cannot get to the Sheppard Library, please search for the sources you want and then request them by Inter Library Loan.  See the ordering your journal article below for more information.

Ordering your journal article

File:Livre Ouvert 2.jpg

Where you do not have access the full text journals, SoMM students can request the articles by Inter Library Loan.   Follow the link for more details - you will be asked to log in with the username and password you received at your induction before progressing to the order form. 

Once your request has been processed, the British Library will email with instructions on how to set up an account on their system. You must do this or you will not be able to open the pdf they send you.

If the article is easily available your should receive it within a week, often more quickly. 

Manage your references

Other software exists, for example you might have access to RefWorks or EndNote via your employer. 

Other libraries

Many university graduates have the right to access library resources from their former universities as alumni.  Middlesex university provides a limited scheme for it's former students.  So you should check the web site of your previous places of study and see if they offer an useful service.  It may well be that if you are from outside the UK, you can use the library in the vacation.

SoMM literature searching slides

Critical appraisal of the evidence

Critical appraisal is the process of evaluating and interpreting evidence by systematically considering its validity, results and relevance. The following resources provide a useful introduction to this process:

Google Scholar

You can freely search Google scholar. 

Please be aware that many of the full text links will only work if you have access through your place of work or if you have a personal subscription.  

Google Scholar Search