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Integrative Medicine: Searching for Legal Cases Relating to Legal/Professional Issues

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A guide to using law databases alongside your usual databases to find case law

This information should be particularly useful for students doing the CMH3110 summative assessment 2500 word essay on law and ethics (2500 word essay due 5th May 2015 by 4pm).

Lectures during your module will discuss relevant ideas and terminology e.g informed consent.

You will also have references to examples from case law e.g ¬óChester v Afshar (2004).

You will need to refer to a variety of material in your essay. These law databases provide full text of case law and journal articles from law journals. You may additionally use the usual health related databases for extra articles and material, but the law databases will be a crucial resource during this module.

On this page you will find:

  • Links to useful law databases
  • How to search for law cases on the law databases


Other related information and where to find it:


Useful Databases for Case Law:

Searching for Case Law

In the databases you will usually have an option to search for case law using the names in the search boxes.

I have a reference to a case: Chester v Afshar (2004). Here is how to search for it.


From LexisLibrary's default search screen, underneath the Search tab, click on Cases


On the next screen, use the names in the Case name search boxes, and select All England Official Transcripts 1997-2008 before clicking on the Search button:

The results will all be transcripts.

Click on  and then 


Click on and then to go to download, print and email options


From the default screen, click on Cases from the toolbar


In the Party Names Search box type the names of the parties e.g Chester Afshar

Click on


In the results list, clicking on will take you through to the full text.