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Integrative Medicine: Useful Online Resources

Complementary Health Reference Resources - Plants and Medicines

Medicinal Plant Names Services

Use the following route to access Natural Medicines, so you are fully authenticated as a Middlesex University student: Login to MyUniHub > My Study > My Library > click on a link in the My Library box

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Software to Assist you in Nutritional Analysis

For some of your studies you may need to do a nutritional analysis. There are a number of software programs that can assist you. Middlesex University does not subscribe to a particular programme however there are a number of companies that offer free trials of their software that can be used.

Dietplan 7 is one such program and can be downloaded on a 30 day trial.

Nutritics is another program, which can be downloaded for a 14 day trial.

Please note the library / IT desks do not support these pieces of software. Specific support for recomended software should be sought within the department of Complementary Health.

Regulation of Herbal Medicines and Herbal Practitioners - Related reports and News